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Positions available

The excellence, competency and quality of the people
who work with us is the key to our success.

Over the last six years, the number of people working with us has doubled and currently numbers 180.

Who we are looking for and for what job

To expand our Management Consulting team we are looking for people with excellent academic backgrounds and top-level professional skills.

Previous experience in one of the following areas is considered important:

  • Risk Management
  • Tourism and Territorial Attractiveness
  • Strategic Innovation and Business Modeling

We are also looking for people with developed skills in the use of Social Technologies (New media/internet/web/social network) applied to business development.

Or, if you have received a post-graduate degree in Economics or Engineering in the past twelve months with top grades and have good mastery of English, you could apply for a job as an Analyst.

P.I. 11850730158

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