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Smart Contract

Service Contract Governance and the impact of IoT

The breakneck development of the Internet of Things brings within it ever-greater vulnerability for companies, requiring more meticulous management of sensitive data and enhanced information risk management. Who is liable in the event of damages?  Who designed the system? Who maintains it? And, finally, who authorized its use, thus assuming responsibility for any ensuing risk?

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human resources

The reason why it is essential to plan campaigns on business acceleration

More the companies are structured and large, the more they find it hard to speed up, as opposed to those with less linear features. We must therefore resort to “tricks”. We will review the major ones, among those suggested by Marco Grazioli, President of The European House – Ambrosetti and expert on business dynamics.

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Italy Towards 2018

Just days after the publication of the “2017 OECD Economics Survey of Italy”, the viewpoint of Catherine L. Mann, OECD Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department, on what strategies need to be implemented to overcome the three main challenges and improve the timid positive trend of the Italian economy.

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Campania Technology Forum

The Campania Region looks to the future: challenges and opportunities from the Life Sciences and from Industry 4.0

Thursday, March 23, 2017, 9:00 am– 6:00 pm
The SS. Marcellino e Festo Complex, Largo S. Marcellino 10, Naples.

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human resources

Myths and best practices about speeding up business performance

The acceleration of business performance (in the short term in particular) is one of those goals affected by several misunderstandings. With Marco Grazioli, President of The European House – Ambrosetti, let’s try to browse the main ones and the ways to avoid them.

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Italian President Mattarella's visit to China: Paolo Borzatta interview with Radio Radicale

“An important visit because it is taking place at a historic moment in which all geopolitical scenarios are in a process of change.” Listen to the Radio Radicale interview with Paolo Borzatta, Senior Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, on the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella to China.

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digital technologies

Are we ready to play the Industry 4.0 game?

What are the challenges and opportunities offered by Industry 4.0? Are our companies, especially SMEs, ready to ride the wave? The Ambrosetti Club Innotech Community, in conjunction with Assolombarda, sat down together to try to answer this question.

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think tank


The European House – Ambrosetti has been nominated the No. 1 Think Tank in Italy, ranking in the European top ten and ranking in the World top one-hundred independent out of 6,846 Think Tanks globally, in the University of Pennsylvania 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.


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Where the Future begins

ETH Zurich‘s President, Lino Guzzella, spoke to the Ambrosetti Club Innotech Community about the university’s history and its excellence. The university is part of a national system—Switzerland’s—that the Ambrosetti Innosystem Index has once again placed among the most successful innovation ecosystems on a global level.

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Optimism despite uncertainty

The 15th Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicator survey is now available. Since the last survey in September, many things have changed on the international and national scene.

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