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Competitive advantages through people

Women in leadership positions

Women and society as a whole need equality and equal opportunities. Companies need “differences” and talent. Organizations waste a lot of women's talent, especially in Italy. Today, how much does it cost to companies to loose ideas, contributions and potential failing to “unleash” and promote women's talent?

The initiatives in connection with the issue of “women in leadership positions” aim to empower women and support them along their careers, making it possible for them to assume leadership positions.

Many studies have shown that women seem to be weak in networking, self-esteem and competencies useful to promote their careers.

Along their careers, women run up against the so-called “glass ceiling” effect, i.e., an invisible, but highly-resistant barrier that impedes access to top organizational positions.

Organizations can choose to invest in the development of women's competences, enabling them to express their talent, and ensuing therefore competitive advantage in terms of innovation and value-building, which is worth much more than the investment made (also from an economic point of view).

It is important to work on the organizational context and on culture, but also to create on-going initiatives aimed at fostering the expression of women's talent:

  • Organizational culture surveys and change management facilitation
  • Events to raise awareness about diversity management
  • Workshops to facilitate effective interaction to express “differences” and talent
  • Research within client companies to create action plans for improvement and development
  • Academies and specific seminars to develop targeted competences for women to enable them to express their talent and foster their careers
  • Specific Personal coaching for women
  • Networking initiatives in synergy with other The European House - Ambrosetti services (Ambrosetti Club, AP-Aggiornamento Permanente, Leader del Futuro, Professione Manager)
  • Meetings with testimonials and benchmarks to promote role-modeling
  • Performance management systems whose KPIs (key performance indicators) take into consideration differences as part of performance management (and evaluation/incentive).

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