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We have worked with over 50 entities including brand name companies, public and private institutions and non-profit organizations.
For each of them we created innovative, custom-designed projects thanks to our flexible working approach.
We are a team capable of taking on each problem combining the best of a research center (concrete verification of ideas developed according to the most up-to-date approaches), craftsman's workshop (attention to detail, every idea and result unique and original) and scientific lab (alchemy of transformation where ideas become projects and projects successful experiences).
We currently make use of a system of approximately 30 interactive maps. The symbolic analyses they contain can be overlaid and combined to provide interpretive tools open to innovation and identification of new opportunities for a minimum of 50/60 merchandise sectors.

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Marco Grazioli


Marco Grazioli

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Case histories
Case histories 1

Organization of an exhibition/cultural event on a consumer universe

Case histories 2

Developing new point-of-sale concepts


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