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Scenarios and Strategy
Internationalization strategy

Our unique approach

Each International Development operation is led by professionals from The European House-Ambrosetti in partnership with the client, utilizing an approach  that respects the client's mission, perspective and strategic approach. The experience gleaned from years of case histories has taught The European House-Ambrosetti that even the most brilliant strategy for penetrating a target market is almost certainly destined to fail if it is not coherent with the company's overall strategy and perspective. 
The European House-Ambrosetti's approach to foreign markets is always based on research and interaction with opinion leaders and key players in that country, market and sector. 
Direct contact with those who play a decisive role aids in quickly identifying key themes and critical issues of strategic importance for operating in a given geographical area, market or country. This significantly reduces entry and consolidation costs and helps to avoid all those misunderstandings and errors caused by inexperience and lack of preparation.
Our work is always guided by a single mission and basic values backed up by our own unique approach. Our objective is to offer clients the highest quality professional solutions possible to assist them in their international development strategies and to create sustained value.

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