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Scenarios and Strategy

The global context

The world and contemporary society have become increasingly complex, difficult to understand and even more difficult to interpret.
The traditional approach to research and SCENARIOS often focuses solely on specific, tangible aspects of the topic under consideration. But the shortcomings of this approach soon become evident in the face of the complexities of the situation and problems in comprehending and interpreting it. This seemingly concrete method reveals itself to be worthless, of limited vision and incapable of providing a practicable synthesis.
The European House - Ambrosetti SCENARIOS take a full, 360° look at the area under examination. We analyze all the key data to produce an in-depth, concise and strategic profile of inestimable value in comprehending the situation and developing proposals and action.

Special issues:

Healthcare & Pharma
The challenges facing healthcare today: the scenarios and economic impacts and how to allocate available resources. We offer strategic studies and opportunities for political-institutional debate around the healthcare agenda in Italy.
Robotics represents a tremendous opportunity for Italian companies: we have launched a project for Italy to quantify its potential impact and propose an action strategy to government.
Africa is the new business frontier: nations and companies will be investing there with substantial returns. We have launched a long-term project to reinforce Italian/European/African relations and identify the best opportunities.
Infrastructure and mobility are essential for rapid communication and circulation of ideas, with resulting innovation and development. We have developed proposals for building a state-of-the-art mobility system for Italy.
Today, the way to beat competition is through knowledge, creativity and innovation. And it is the role of education to develop these competencies. We are the promoters of a concrete debate on how to renovate the Italian educational system.

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