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Business Flexibility Workshop - March 21, 2013

Business Flexibility Workshop

To participate to the
Thursday, March 21, 2013
Meliá Milano Hotel, Milan, 9:30 am – 5 pm.
* Eligible for Fondir/Fondirigenti funding

Workshop Brief

All companies share the same mission: to create sustained value. This is the primary indicator of corporate excellence. To achieve this goal, top management must be able to maneuver using an integrated and systemic approach–a “control panel” characterized by the quality of its governance system, leadership and corporate culture, as well as four variables which, more than anything else, determine corporate success: shared intelligence, innovation, simplicity and flexibility.

Specifically, business flexibility makes it possible to anticipate change and more easily adapt to unforeseen situations and take advantage of new opportunities as they become available, while avoiding risk and safeguarding company success over the long-term. As a result, flexible leaders must maximize flexibility in the following relevant and interconnected areas

  • Strategic flexibility
  • Organizational/management flexibility
  • Economic/asset flexibility
  • Financial flexibility
  • Mental/behavioral flexibility

Flexibility is, in fact, a way of thinking, communicating, being and reacting. It must subsume a number of common and shared values that guide behavior: a constant aspiration that must permeate the entire organization. If intelligence is flexibility, today, more than ever, flexibility is intelligence.


RumeltRichard68_sq.png Richard Rumelt,  Professor of Business and Society at the Anderson School at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), he is one of the leading experts in corporate strategy in the world. His areas of specialization and experience include corporate diversification strategies, sources of sustainable advantage for individual business strategies, dynamics of industries in transition with special focus on models and the forces that determine evolution in complex sectors. He has been director of the Corporate Renewal Initiative, a research center dedicated to the study and implementation of corporate change and president of the Strategic Management Society. He is also the recipient of the Irwin Prize for his book, Strategy, Structure and Economic Performance and the “best paper prize” from the Strategic Management Journal.
PerroneVincenzo72_sq.png Vincenzo Perrone , Professor of Corporate Organization and Dean of the Bocconi University in Milan, where he is also the director of the Institute of Organization and Management Information Systems at the Department of Business Economics. Also professor of Organization and Personnel at the School of Business Management (SDA) of the same university, he was the promoter and coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the International Organizational Observatory project. He is an expert in strategic positioning, organizational structure planning, corporate management, management of processes of organizational change and business assessment.
RangaswamiJP_80_sq.png JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist of since 2010. His focus is helping clients in developing new ideas for using real time, social and mobile features related to and products. Starting his carrier as an economist and financial journalist, he has spent the last 32 years working with IT, especially in the financial sector.
copy_of_KaiserRobert80_sq.png Robert Kaiser, American management expert, he is the creator of the “Leadership Versatility Index”, a simple, effective and innovative tool that aids managers in controlling the complexity of corporate processes and reference context through improving both personal and professional competencies. His work has been published in more than 100 articles and books, the most important being The Versatile Leader: Make the Most of Your Strengths—Without Overdoing It. He is director of the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, has created leadership development initiatives in a number of Fortune 500 companies and has conducted numerous interactive and experience-oriented “edutainment” workshops throughout the world.


We are currently awaiting confirmation from other major Italian and international corporate speakers and guests.
Last update: March 14, 2013.

Fondir / Fondirigenti

Workshop participation is eligible for Fondir and Fondirigenti funding: for more information, contact the Workshop organizers (Eleonora Magnani, tel. +39 02 46753.303; e-mail:

Thursday, March 21, 2013, 9:30 am – 5 pm (registration 9 am)
Meliá Milano Hotel - Sala Smeraldo
Via Masaccio 19, Milan, tel. 02-44406

Details about workshop participation can be found on the Participation Request form. For further information, please contact the Workshop coordinator (Eleonora Magnani tel. +39 02 46753.303; e-mail:

To participate:


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