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Professional Updating

Professional Updating

For many years, science and technology have continued to create new breakthroughs at an increasing rate, a rate that is beyond the ability of even the most intelligent and dedicated individual to assimilate.
While thanks to these new discoveries human life expectancy has been extended, the "life cycles" of products, processes, organizational solutions, new ideas, inventions and innovations have continued to shorten. In other words, their period of validity has become increasingly shorter.
But this reduction in life cycles involves above all knowledge and competencies. There is significant evidence to indicate that, today, there are no sectors subject to competition in which a generation of knowledge and competencies lasts for more than five years, and this time span is on the wane.
What is created, as a result, is a gap between the relevant knowledge that exists, and that which is possessed. Put briefly, for each individual and each organization, the amount of what is not known and what one is unaware of not  knowing or, even worse, what is not known and what one thinks one knows becomes increasingly large. Each night we go to bed … a bit more ignorant.
This means that each of us, in our own working lives, must renew our knowledge and competencies a number of times.
Ours is no longer an age of being employed for life, but rather being employable for life, the difference being in the commitment and ability of each individual to renew his or her own knowledge and competencies through an ongoing process of permanent professional training.
Ours is the age of full individual self-responsibilization. No one can guarantee another person's future.
In order to satisfy these needs within the context of increasingly-high levels of responsibility and increasingly-reduced time availability, for a number of years our company has offered what are virtual "mental work-outs" designed to provide the best solutions for various roles.


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