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The global context

Ours is an era characterized by acceleration, discontinuity and globalization.
Because of this, decision-makers are constantly faced with the need to react to new opportunities and potential threats quickly and efficiently. For this, they require access to top-level sources of expertise that transcend their normal sectors of operation - expertise that offers stimuli, suggestions and information on how to best react to the complexities of the current global context.

Today's leaders must possess:

  • keen foresight into the future to look beyond the discontinuity of current events;
  • the ability to take rapid, incisive action necessitated by acceleration;
  • a truly international perspective to meet the challenges of globalization;
  • a strong sense of ethics to compensate for the lack of rules and constraints on a global level;
  • all of this indissolubly linked to the ability to expertly lead and motivate people.
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