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AP Service

The global context

The probability that the future will be the same as the past is zero. We live in an era of discontinuity, the result of phenomena that, in part, are interrelated: the technological revolution, acceleration and globalization.
The identification and discovery of new opportunities, related problems and their solutions, is a top priority for senior management that cannot be met solely within the confines of their own organization.
What is required is an on-going approach to staying current using methods that are truly “challenging” and, at the same time, compatible with daily work loads, even for those with extremely busy agendas. For those who consider themselves too involved in day-to-day operations to participate in training programs, it would be wise to remember this old adage:

no time no vision,
no vision  no future

It is also necessary to have a systemic overview because what is best for an organization is not always what is best for a specific function or specific business area within that organization.

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