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Leaders of the Future

The global context

The likelihood that the future can be extrapolated even from the recent past is, at the moment, virtually zero.

We live in an era of discontinuity. Today, formal training (university, post-graduate work, training courses, etc.) can no longer guarantee a young person everything he or she will need.

Let's take, for example, the following logical progression: Learn in order to know, know in order to understand, understand in order to act, and—given that it is important not to confuse effort with results—act in order to solve and, where necessary, to prevent.

Today, any institution, even the best in the world, limits itself to the first and second phase.
It has become increasingly rare for traditional courses to cover the state-of-the-art of current knowledge and, often, what is taught to young people is already out-of-date and has been supplanted by something new.

Today's world is characterized by acceleration and reduction in the life cycles of knowledge and skills, as well as the time available in which to make use of them. What is required is a program that provides concrete answers, from learning to solving in order to prevent.

It was for this reason, among many other important ones, that our LEADERS OF THE FUTURE service was created.


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