Technology Forum

The high-tech route to progress

A certainty: Italy’s economic recovery must necessarily involve technological progress. And a goal: to define concrete proposals to create an “innovation ecosystem”. These are the bases of the ‘Technology Forum’. Two days of meetings and proposals for investing in the future without fearing what’s new.

Technology Forum

The Technology Forum is the permanent laboratory of The European House – Ambrosetti on technology and innovation. Its goal is to provide ever-new stimuli for Italy’s economic recovery and growth through the development of the innovation ecosystem.

Leader in innovation: vision, best practices, network building

The Forum is a two-day event held annually in May capping twelve months of work involving the Ambrosetti Club Innovation and Technology Community. Through a top-level calendar of targeted meetings, the InnoTech Community puts forward and examines those issues which, each year, will comprise the Forum in May. In addition, the InnoTech Community sets the priorities for the growth of the innovation ecosystem and develops concrete proposals for policy-makers.
Within a highly-interactive format, the Technology Forum offers a strategic and international vision of the InnoTech universe and provides the ideal opportunity for innovation leaders for network building.

Forum participants

The Technology Forum is designed for innovation ecosystem decision-makers around its four cornerstones: business, research, finance and government.

Forum Goals

The Technology Forum involves leading innovation and technology players and its goals are to:

  • contribute to creating an innovation ecosystem in Italy through promoting dialogue between the players involved;
  • provide concrete innovation-related proposals, including through working in direct contact with such policy-makers as MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research).

Read more: www.technologyforum.eu.