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Financial Markets Workshop

Each year, normally in the spring, The European House - Ambrosetti organizes the workshop entitled "THE OUTLOOK FOR THE ECONOMY AND FINANCE", held in the setting of Villa d'Este in Cernobbio on Lake Como.

This workshop offers in-depth information and top-level analysis of scenarios (current, new trends and perspectives for the future, both conjunctural and structural, areas of potential crisis, etc.) involving the economy, finance, financial markets and their players in Italy, Europe and the world.

Each year, a select group of leading businessmen and corporate managers meet with experts and representatives of key international economics and financial institutions to discuss the most important issues of the day.

Among top-level participants in recent years have been Josef Ackermann, Giuliano Amato, Gary Becker, Fred Bergsten, Howard Davies, Wim Duisenberg, Stanley Fischer, Fan Gang, Otmar Issing, Mervyn King, George Mathewson, William McDonough, Mario Monti, Robert Mundell, Christian Noyer, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Edward Prescott, Raghuram Rajan, Eiusuke Sakakibara, Myron Scholes, William Sharpe, Vernon Smith, Pedro Solbes Mira, Michael Spence, Joseph Stiglitz, Domenico Siniscalco, Peter Sutherland, John Tiner, Michael Treschow, Giulio Tremonti, Jean-Claude Trichet, Paul Volcker and James Wolfensohn.

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