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About our workshops

The goal of The European House - Ambrosetti WORKSHOPS is to provide occasions in which targeted issues can be examined in-depth. WORKSHOP participants are offered the opportunity to meet with others to examine in-depth issues of key importance to top management.
The WORKSHOPS are designed for CEOs and top management (corporations, public and private entities) who are looking for direct interaction with experts in the area under examination and the trends for the future.
WORKSHOPS are also designed to provide opportunities for discussion between attendees and speakers.
Our WORKSHOPS are planned and organized around the specific needs and interests of our clients.

Some of our scheduled workshops:

  • New frontiers in marketing: social marketing, new client, a new company model
  • Leadership: overcoming the crisis and preparing for a new beginning
  • The outlook for Financial markets, for their governance and for finance
  • Corporate communications today: management through communication
  • Family business
  • Human resources: overcoming the crisis with a new human resources managemen

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