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Over the last six years, the number of people working for us has doubled, bringing us to a total of 180 new staff members. An indication of our commitment to growth and change, so critical to remaining competitive in today’s rapidly-changing market. And perhaps among the jobs available, there is one just right for you.

Positions Available

Who we are looking for and for what job

Recent Graduates

We are looking for 15 recent graduates (post-graduate degrees only) in Economics or Engineering, with high marks and fluency in English to join our Scenarios and Strategies practice.

Send your résumé – Position A1201

Family Businesses Junior post

To expand our Family Business and Governance area we are looking for a recent graduate, preferably with an economics degree with high marks, fluent in English and highly-interested in questions related to the economy and family businesses.

Send your résumé – Position FI1202

Scriber/Graphic Designer

To strengthen our structure we are looking for a Scriber/Graphic Designer that translates complex concepts in graph visuals as well as oversees the layout for researches, studies and analysis about economic issues.

For more information, please see the complete description on our Linkedin page

Send your resumé – Position AM1520

Management Consultants

To expand our Management Consulting team we are looking for people with excellent academic backgrounds and top-level professional skills.

Previous experience in one of the following areas is considered important:

  • Risk Management
  • Tourism and Territorial Attractiveness
  • Strategic Innovation and Business Modeling.

We are also looking for people with developed skills in the use of Social Technologies (New media/internet/web/social network) applied to business development.

Send your resumé – Position C1201

Key Account Manager

To upgrade our sales team in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area, we are looking for a Key Account Manager to develop all the Group’s services. The applicant will be involved in developing the client portfolio in this area. Preferred job qualifications include: a consolidated professional network, in-depth knowledge of the area, an entrepreneurial spirit and strong sales skills.

Send your resumé – Position AM1509

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