Events designed to be able to talk, get to know and communicate

An event as a means for you and your public to get to know each other. An event to create brand identity, to strengthen relations between market players, to build your team or celebrate what you have achieved. Whatever you are looking for, The European House – Ambrosetti works alongside companies in the planning and logistical planning of their special events.


In the current global competitive context in which relations and communication are of prime importance, The European House – Ambrosetti represents the ideal partner with which to organize events and forums custom-designed to client requests.

It specializes in developing a program that is custom-designed and structured to meet specific needs, coupled with the ability to select the most prestigious speakers. 

A vast selection of events

Projects that are unique and created specifically for the client who is directly involved in the planning process in an on-going way. The most common types of events include:

  • A celebratory event: A major anniversary, the opening of a trade fair, factory or research facility; to present an initiative;
  • Communications and positioning events: Events whose main goal is positioning with existing or potential clients, business development, visibility with institutions or the general public;
  • Educational or professional training events: In-house communication initiatives that often include special studies or research.

The European House – Ambrosetti advantage

With years of experience, The European House – Ambrosetti has won the trust of numerous clients who see in our organization:

  • The ability to plan top-level programs and select speakers who are authoritative, good communicators and internationally renowned;
  • The ability to involve the most appropriate stakeholders and participants;
  • Excellent relations with leading governmental and political bodies in Italy and Europe;
  • Full media coverage of the event;
  • Their unique advantage compared with other event planners which is the ability to pair the creation of top-level programs and events with the development of special, customized content to be presented during the event as analysis, surveys and studies, always exclusively for a particular event or client.

Madi Piano Mortari

Madi Piano Mortari

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