Global Summits

Listen and debate

Global Summits’ themes are those most relevant to top management. They are normally day-long events that include a range of activities. The most popular, which involves all those taking part, is unquestionably the discussion period. A unique opportunity to discuss and share and one of individual enrichment.

Global Summits

The goal of The European House – Ambrosetti Global Simmits is to bring together top managers from business and institutions to examine key issues for top management, promote professional training and stimulate discussion.

Global Summits Agenda

Normally day-long events, they host speakers of the highest level—national and international experts, academics, business and opinion leaders, and top representatives of the economic and political spheres. Depending on the subject under discussion, the workshops include:

  1. presentations
  2. audience discussion.

Global Summits Themes

Global Summits content is selected and designed to meet the needs of those attending.

Global Summits scheduled for 2016 will examine such issues as Communication, Corporate Governance, HR, Leadership,  Marketing, Economic and financial Scenarios.

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