International Summits with Think Tanks

The reason behind the Bilateral Economic Summits

We want to build around the world in those countries with the greatest latent potential for Italy the highest-level exclusive platforms that will aid in developing communities of leaders for Italy and the countries involved who will be very influential in defining bilateral economic agendas.

The goal is to facilitate cooperation with business and government to augment development in the countries, the areas surrounding them and participating companies.
Above all, The European House – Ambrosetti summits serve to create among participating leaders: concrete knowledge and individual awareness of the complexities of these countries, as well as mutual trust.
To-date, we have launched The European House – Ambrosetti summits in South Africa (Johannesburg) and Iran (Tehran).
We are currently preparing one for ASEAN countries (Jakarta) and one for Dubai.
In the planning stage are summits for Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.
The summits are held each year for a minimum time frame of at least five years.

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