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Make a concrete contribution to social and economic progress in our country. This is the ambitious goal of Ambrosetti Club which brings together more than 300 members from the top management of both national and multinational companies active in Italy. We’ve called them elite, and we don’t think we’re wrong. A select group that thinks, discusses and develops an invaluable perspective which is then made available to all. For the good of the country.

Ambrosetti Club

The current scenario, characterized as it is by discontinuity, unexpected change and sudden acceleration, requires that leaders be constantly up-to-date and in continuous contact with those outside the company. In particular, leaders must have:

  • a clear vision of the future
  • adeveloped ability to meet goals;
  • a truly international perspective;
  • a strong ethical sense;
  • an undisputed ability to guide and motivate resources.

Starting from these premises, in 1999 The European House-Ambrosetti set up the Club, strictly reserved for top management of Italian and multinational groups and companies operating in Italy. Currently, the Club has 300 members and its goals are:

  • to make a concrete contribution to social and economic progress in our country;
  • to contribute to the excellence and optimization of the public and private institutions that are part of it;
  • to promote a privileged network of relationships between members.

The Club is involved in a range of activities and initiatives, which include:

  • More than 60 meetings a year throughout Italy, in the form of round tables in which national and international representatives of the political, economic and social sectors take part;
  • Series of conference calls in which macroeconomic themes and current affairs are examined with the participation of leading international experts;
  • Round tables in Brussels, conducted in English, on key issues regarding European integration and competitiveness and involving the institutions and other bodies of the European Union;
  • Research and studies on themes regarding the country’s competitiveness and quality, and the optimization of business management. The Club’s members offer a concrete contribution to these activities, both by suggesting themes to be studied and by sitting on a Steering Committee which directs the work of The European House-Ambrosetti professionals. Experts are often involved as outside advisors thanks to The European House – Ambrosetti‘s network of national and international contacts. The results of these studies and the proposals developed from them are brought to the attention of leading opinion leaders and policy makers.
  • Sector and regional communities whose goal is to provide stimuli, ideas and proposals to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of Italian regions or examine sector-related themes. The activities focus on a number of specific areas considered crucial for the development of geographical areas or specific sectors and are aimed to provide concrete solutions that are made available to public sector decision-makers, business leaders and the public at-large. Activity is guided and coordinated by The European House – Ambrosetti with the support of a top-level Steering Committee composed of Club members and external advisors.
  • Lettera Club, created in 2006 to foster the spread of information and knowledge on current key issues. The Lettera Club is sent regularly to members, institutional leaders and to a select group of opinion leaders in Italy as well as to major media representatives.
  • Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicator, a series of short-to-medium term economic indicators that provide advance information regarding sentiment and economic prospects in Italy, employment and corporate investment, before official figures are released. Its forecasts appear regularly in Il Sole 24 Ore.
  • Golden Gate, an adoption program through which established companies can provide support to innovative start-ups with major potential and help in their transformation. Personalized scouting provides the opportunity to access a select group of start-ups that coincide with a company’s own innovation needs.
  • PPT-Permanent Professional Training Service, for top and senior management of corporations and businesses and public and private institutions. About one hundred events are organized each year around vertically-structured areas of interest (Top Management, Marketing/Sales and Communications, Human Resources and Organization, Administration, Finance and Control, and Integrated Logistics), together with more broadly-based areas (the economic scenario and corporate organization and leadership)
  • The Outlook for the Economy and Finance Workshop, organized in the spring at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio and attended by high-level entrepreneurs and managers to discuss together with experts and representatives of leading international economic and financial institutions the economic, finance and financial market scenarios involving Italy, Europe and the world.
  • The “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy” Forum, since 1975 held each year the first weekend of September, it is an international event in which heads of state and government, top representatives of European institutions, government ministers, Nobel laureates, businessmen, managers and experts from around the world come together to discuss current issues of major impact for the world economy and society as a whole.
    Club members are given priority, with special conditions, for participation in the Forum, which is strictly reserved to the top management of leading national and international groups, and is by invitation only.

Club members also have available to them a web platform with documents and video and audio files that represent a wealth of information (www.ambrosetticlub.eu).

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