Health and pharmaceutical sector

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Health and healthcare are two issues that have recently acquired importance in the agenda of the European Commission. And we cannot turn a blind eye. Health-related demand is changing and, as a result, healthcare services and organization. Costs are rising and the economic crisis has also been felt in this sector. New scenarios and new answers are needed. And we’re here to provide them.

Health and pharmaceutical sector

In recent years, the healthcare systems of advanced economies have undergone profound changes due primarily to two drivers: the evolution in social-demographic and epidemiological scenarios and the acceleration in scientific and technological innovation.

Recently, with Europe’s Health for Growth programs, investing in innovation, prevention and finding new models of sustainability have appeared on the agendas of the governments of member states.

In Italy—one of the countries worst-hit by the economic and financial crisis—there has been a major acceleration in measures to contain public healthcare expenditure and a sense of urgency to undertake major reforms in the healthcare governance system. The increasingly difficult economic situation is also the result of the recent economic-financial crisis and public financing constraints seen specifically in public healthcare which must reduce waste and become more efficient.

How can the health of the population be improved with a holistic approach that goes beyond the traditional healthcare boundaries?

How can the organizational models and financing methods for healthcare be rethought?

The European House – Ambrosetti is active in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in two main areas::

  • Policy research, strategic studies and working papers
  • Advocacy, public affairs and communication.

Policy research, strategic studies and working papers

We provide policy research on key areas of the national healthcare system, including international benchmarking activity and support for sector operators and players with the goal of developing and interpreting the changes in healthcare scenarios and bolstering positioning/communications within the sector.

We can also provide strategic studies (position papers, briefs, publications, etc.) regarding healthcare policy for companies interested in examining—with the support of an independent third party and with economic and healthcare-related assessments—those issues key for the development of their business and relations with stakeholders.
All our research activity is carried out making use of a network of sector experts, unique in Italy, working in conjunction with our professionals in all phases of the process to guarantee key input in the technical-scientific assessment of the research and analysis performed.

Advocacy, public affairs and communication

The European House – Ambrosetti facilitates and promotes dialogue between government, the medical-scientific community, healthcare facilities, patients and companies within the sector in order to be able to discuss in an informed, professional and transparent manner, the key issues of healthcare and health.
Our firm provides support to companies in public affairs-related activities with sector experts, stakeholders and qualified representatives of the major public and private healthcare organizations through:

  • Designing opportunities for discussion and debate, including round tables, technical working groups, scientific advisory boards, conferences, workshops, regional road shows and webinars;
  • Preparing issue-related policy briefs to be discussed and shared with other key parties;
  • Organizing high-level technical/institutional events on specific themes around key issues/sectors for healthcare, in order to promote a profitable exchange of ideas and debate among the system’s major players;
  • Supporting external communications activity through the involvement of qualified media agencies and our communications staff.
Forum  Celgene – “The future lies in clinical research. An opportunity for Patients, the National Healthcare System and the Nation”
September 15, 2016 – Palazzo Rospigliosi, Rome
Forum Meridiano Cardio –  “Dimensions of hypercholesterolaemia and priorities of action”
May 24, 2016 – Auditorium – Ministry of Health, Rome
Neurosciences Forum – “A 100 years journey through the mind”
December 3, 2015 – Accademia dei Lincei, Rome
Health and economic growth – The impact of osteoporosis on productivity in the Lombardy Region (It.)
May 27, 2014 – Consiglio Regionale Regione Lombardia
(Quaderno de Il Sole 24 Ore – published in July 2014)
“MERIDIANO SANITA’ DIABETE 2020″ – Final Report (It.)
March 25, 2013  – Palazzo Rospigliosi, Rome

In 2005 The European House – Ambrosetti created a think tank on health-related issues in Italy, thanks to the involvement of experts and key opinion leaders, as well as the support of a number of sector players. The studies and analysis carried out are presented at the Meridiano Sanità Forum held each year in Rome in early November.

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