Innovation and Technology

Keys to development

Without innovation and technology there can be no development. Investing in innovation and technology means following the road to growth. The European House – Ambrosetti realized this some time ago and it has created this hub, a flexible structure with a two-fold purpose: create high-level knowledge platforms from which to launch discussion between experts and provide support to companies in realizing their high-tech projects.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation has always been a conditio sine qua non for economic and social progress. It is the means through which we support the quality of our lifestyle. It forms the basis of new products and improvements in the organizational processes of our companies. And it is the tool which allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the on-going changes in production models, demographic shifts and environmental conditions.

Prosperity will be based increasingly on the ability to resist growing international competition through pushing forward the innovation frontier, foreseeing technological transformations and market trends, and maximizing the speed and efficacy of the way new discoveries are transferred and commercialized.

In order to truly relaunch Italy’s capacity to innovate, a real innovation ecosystem must be built.

This is the context in which the Innovation and Technology Hub was recently born. It is a new, flexible structure in continuous evolution that is designed to contribute to creating an innovation ecosystem in Italy. Its mission towards clients is two-fold:

  • Offer business leaders platforms for information, discussion and networking through high-level events on Innovation and Technology issues (both across-the-board and sector-related).
  • Provide support to companies in creating projects aimed at upgrading their positioning in the innovation ecosystem by promoting dialogue with other key players (finance, policy-makers, research, start-ups and small innovative enterprises).

Currently, the InnoTech Hub includes the following projects:

  • Technology Forum;
  • Life Sciences Technology Forum.
    The life sciences sector—by which is meant biotechnologies, biomedical technologies and pharmaceuticals—is one of the most promising high-tech areas and could become a real driver for growth and overall development for the nation. However, only if an ecosystem favorable to innovation is created, through which the sector can realize its true potential. This is the goal of the Life Sciences Technology Forum: to contribute to promoting the development of the innovation ecosystem in the LS sector in Italy.
  • Golden Gate (in collaboration with Geyser)
    The goal is to create contact between companies and innovative start-ups (Geyser has mapped approximately 25,000 throughout Europe, divided into 66 segments): a veritable bridge between consolidated companies and small enterprises for whom innovation is their core.
  • Innovation & Technology projects made-to-order for clients (these include: Power2Innovate, a project that aims at providing support to corporate activity with focus on innovation in the fields of energy, agri-business and ICT. For additional information: www.power2innovate.it).

The high-tech route to progress

A certainty: Italy’s economic recovery must necessarily involve technological progress. And a goal: to define concrete proposals to create an “innovation ecosystem”. These are the bases of the ‘Technology Forum’. Two days of meetings and proposals for investing in the future without fearing what’s new.

The Technology Forum is the permanent laboratory of The European House – Ambrosetti on technology and innovation. Its goal is to provide ever-new stimuli for Italy’s economic recovery and growth through the development of the innovation ecosystem.

Leader in innovation: vision, best practices, network building

The Forum is a two-day event held annually in May capping twelve months of work involving the Ambrosetti Club Innovation and Technology Community. Through a top-level calendar of targeted meetings, the InnoTech Community puts forward and examines those issues which, each year, will comprise the Forum in May. In addition, the InnoTech Community sets the priorities for the growth of the innovation ecosystem and develops concrete proposals for policy-makers.
Within a highly-interactive format, the Technology Forum offers a strategic and international vision of the InnoTech universe and provides the ideal opportunity for innovation leaders for network building.

Forum participants

The Technology Forum is designed for innovation ecosystem decision-makers around its four cornerstones: business, research,finance and government.

Forum Goals

The Technology Forum involves leading innovation and technology players and its goals are to:

  • contribute to creating an innovation ecosystem in Italy through promoting dialogue between the players involved;
  • provide concrete innovation-related proposals, including through working in direct contact with such policy-makers as MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research).

Learn more: www.technologyforum.eu



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