Start-up (Geyser)

New directions on the move

Young, modern, tied to new technologies but already with an international background and a wealth of consolidated experience. They can be found in the incubators or the technological poles, wherever research and innovation are their bread and butter. We are talking about the Geyser professionals, the consulting team of The European House – Ambrosetti that provides support to start-ups (and companies in general) in choosing the development model most suitable for them.

Start-up (Geyser)

The increasingly-fast pace of technological innovation is generating tremendous competition among companies, including those that invest more in R&D. For this reason, many feel the need to innovate while also looking outside their own organizations and processes.
This is where Geyser—the new The European House – Ambrosetti team dedicated to start-up and innovation—comes into play. Geyser helps companies identify their own specific smart and economically sustainable model to seize the opportunities offered by innovation to take full advantage of the benefits.

What is Geyser?

Geyser is a consulting team comprised of young professionals with a broad international background capable of analyzing and integrating their business knowledge and fully at-home where innovation is central, such as incubators and technological poles.
International innovation is monitored through an observatory that brings together start-ups, innovative SMEs, patents and academia. The Geyser database includes over 35,000 contacts.

Geyser promotes specific activities aimed at companies looking to innovate:

a) Connecting the Dots
For large-scale companies looking to innovate which have the driver but struggle to connect it with their business activity because they are unable to get beyond their own perimeter of action. Through Connecting the Dots, Geyser maps the missing competencies and provides the outside resources (academia, research centers and SMEs) to promote and support development and innovation.

b) Golden Gate
Designed for companies without an in-house innovation driver. Geyser searches its database for partners or competencies within external SMEs and start-ups that can aid the client firm in completing its development program.

c) Spin Off Management
This involves a controlled exit from the company of a working team to become autonomous and independent. Geyser provides a starting kit for what could be considered to be a new company. They provide complete support for identifying the competency gaps to be filled and in the creation of a new business strategy that accompanies the new enterprise from its very first steps up through consolidation.

d) Corporate Incubators
These concern programs which are currently widespread. and involve companies that invest in an in-house “innovation farm”, while entrusting its growth process to the outside. In this case, Geyser contributes by providing design, set-up and management services for the company’s in-house incubator.

e) Innovation People
Geyser organizes training programs for managers looking to broaden their knowledge to have a more modern view of their own business. It involves real “training gyms” whose goal is connect corporate management with the world of innovation through updates on emerging trends and an in-depth look at specific themes, such as problem-solving, lateral thinking, fast-failing, innovation-risk management and agile development.

Who uses Geyser’s services?

Geyser’s target audience are:

  1. Corporate. Large-size companies and structured and listed multinationals looking for innovation ideas or different mechanisms that go outside their normal schema.
  2. Risk capital. This includes funds and others in the market looking to invest capital in innovation (patents, start-ups, small enterprises and working groups) who are supported and helped in precisely evaluating their investment.
  3. Groups of new entrepreneurs (start-ups). Young entrepreneurs who need consulting services about competencies they do not possess.

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