Permanent Professional Training

Being prepared to govern the future

Change and discontinuity have become par for the course. The future will never be the same as the past. Technology is “racing” and we are in an era of globalization with parameters in constant change. Remaining up-to-date is fundamental for keeping up with the times, including for senior management, and for them The European House – Ambrosetti has created a service designed to meet the varied interests of those looking to take advantage of it.

Permanent Professional Training

In today’s competitive and globalized professional world where new technologies play an increasingly important role, those whose task it is to lead companies must, of necessity, dedicate time and resources to keeping their skills and competences up-to-date. A process that is not short-term, but continues throughout a person’s professional life using methods that offer real challenges and are compatible with daily activity, even for those whose appointment books would appear completely full and who believe they do not have time to devote to personal training. But, as they say in Anglo-Saxon countries: No time, no vision. No vision, no future.

PPT-Permanent Professional Training is the most extensive service dedicated to senior management in Italy and, in all probability, anywhere in the world. It is especially important because it marked the transition from a limited concept of “course” to a broader “service”.
It is an “open system” in which the themes are suggested and tailored on the basis of the interests of service subscribers, and each time the most expert speaker from Italy and the world is chosen to explore the given topic.

Permanent Professional Training: Goals

Permanent Professional Training contributes to creating value for clients and optimizing their performance through:

  • Professional training that is current and with the broadest international perspective;
  • A concrete contribution to developing leadership ability in individual professional areas and a superlative systemic perspective of the corporate organization;
  • Significant development of relational resources and highly-useful network of contacts.

The service involves around a hundred annual events from which members can select on the basis of their specific interests and it is designed for those with senior management responsibilities within their organizations (multinationals, companies, public or private institutions). It has five basic goals:

  • Permanent professional training;
  • Leadership development;
  • Systemic overview;
  • Building relationships;
  • Providing solutions to concrete issues through discussion among participants.

Permanent Professional Training: Activities

PPT-Permanent Professional Training activities include:

  • Events on specific issues of priority importance;
  • Short, small-group meetings, such as business lunches, to discuss concrete solutions and/or provide information on specific issues;
  • Roundtables and workshops;
  • Visits to businesses and meetings hosted by service members;
  • Seminars/workshops on an international level in areas of special interest, such as marketing, finance and integrated logistics;
  • Top-level annual international trips organized to take advantage of The European House-Ambrosetti’s extraordinary reservoir of expertise and contacts;
  • Opportunities to share experience, knowledge and solutions;
  • Maximizing support on a reciprocal basis;
  • Self-managed, joint development of new projects/solutions;
  • Exchanges with similar professional groups in other countries.

Gianluca Consonni

Gianluca Consonni

Partner, The European House - Ambrosetti
Head of Professional Training Services
Area Leader Lombardy (Milano and Province and Monza-Brianza)

Tel.  +39 02 46753 265

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