Professione: MANAGER

New parameters

Corporate cornerstones are changing. While previously executives were “normal” employees to whom the company guaranteed stability and a safe job, today they are managers from which the company requires results in exchange for a career and more money. While previously security was the basis of the executive/company contract, today it is the success achieved. The European House – Ambrosetti provides the tools required for managers to be able to develop a new perspective of their roles, in line with today’s expectations.

Professione: MANAGER

In recent decades, the business world has undergone profound changes. Companies in which people work have changed—and continue to change—as have people within the companies themselves. In particular, the psychological contract that ties people to the organizations of which they are part has changed significantly, impacting most strongly on middle management.
Yesterday’s companies requested loyalty, commitment and availability, while offering stability and a sense of belonging. A manager was, above all, an employee and the contract between them was based on security. Today, companies request involvement, efficiency and results and offer a career and salary based on merit. A manager plays a managerial role and the contract is based on results.

In addition, from this point on, companies must request that managers contribute in value generation and that there be constant coherence between short- and medium-to-long-term management. In exchange, they must offer professional value and employability. As a result, managers must increasingly become manager/professionals and the contract must be centered on value creation for both.

As a result, companies must train and develop internally a new generation of business professionals with an expertise capable of capitalizing on a systemic view of the company, a multi-disciplinary approach, new capabilities and personal qualities. In other words, be able to integrate knowledge with knowing how to do and knowing how to be in order to make a positive contribution to the organization.


Choose the experience and competence of Professione: MANAGER®
and an international group the caliber of The European House – Ambrosetti.

Professione: MANAGER®

Professione: MANAGER® learning programs are divided into three areas: MasterCourses and Seminars, available in either intercorporate form or on-demand, custom designed for individual client organizations.

The international perspective and innovative analysis methods of Professione: MANAGER® allow participants to enter and become part of a vast professional network.

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