November 2014

3rd WPP/The European House - Ambrosetti Forum

The Role of Communications in Tomorrow’s World

The role of communications as a strategic driver to support foreign direct investment in Italy and relaunch consumption within a context of radical change.

Economic scenarios

Economic scenarios for 2015 and the UVET Travel Index

The forecasts for the Italian economic cycle for the end of 2014 and for 2015, as well as the broader current context in which companies must operate over the next twelve months.


Expo 2015: Milan prepares, 21 million visitors expected

TGR Lombardia: Interview with Luca Patanè and Valerio De Molli.

corporate governance

Observatory on Corporate Governance Excellence in Italy - Final Report 2014

Good investment and governance choices are the real drivers for increasing the attractiveness of business and the country for foreign investors.

To segment the Chinese Market, we need to think from a chinese standpoint

The diversity of China requires a marketing approach profoundly different from that in the West. The European House – Ambrosetti proposes solutions to profile consumers on the basis of purchasing behavior.


The communications investment mix is changing

Class CNBC: Commentary by Martin Sorrell – CEO of WPP, Roberto Masi – CEO of McDonald’s Italia, and Valerio De Molli – Managing Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti.


Proposals for overcoming the problems in Italy’s National Health System

RaiNews 24: Valerio De Molli examine the lines for action suggested by the 2014 Meridiano Sanità Report.


2014 Meridiano Sanità Report presented in Rome

Rai Parlamento: Coverage on the main issues raised in the 2014 Meridiano Sanità Report.


National Health System analyzed by The European House - Ambrosetti

Sky TG 24: 2014 Meridiano Sanità Report presented in Rome.


The main challenges of the National Healtcare System

TGR Lazio: Coverage focused on innovation and the financial and structural sustainability of the healthcare system.