July 2015

Tobacco Product Fiscal Reform - the initial results

Following the introduction at the beginning of 2015 of the fiscal reform involving tobacco-based products, the initial data for revenue trends are now available.


Power2Innovate - Call for Ideas

Announcing Power2Innovate, the technological and social innovation project promoted by Cogipower, company leader in energy and environmental efficiency, in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti.

Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicator

Growth: reforms to bring turning point

The turning point has arrived. As forecast by our indicators at the end of last year the first quarter of 2015 showed an increase in business activity and a resumption of investment. After nearly four years of uninterrupted contraction of economic activity, the negative trend finally became positive between January and March 2015.


Workplace Rage: knowing how to manage it is becoming increasingly important

It is possible to defuse negative emotions in the work environment before they get to be a problem. The first step is to have a strong, clear company policy.

rabbia ambiente lavoro


Orienting companies to service is no longer an option, it's a necessity

Services aren’t the end of the product but the start of the process of developing customer relations.


Metropolitan Cities and Enterprises:
a natural conversation

Over 60% of GDP is produced in urban agglomerations, with almost 90% of resources being consumed there. What will the space of Italian Metropolitan Cities be within this context?

citta metropolitane


Start City - The Metropolitan Cities Trigger of the Country’s Economic Relaunch

“Start City” project to promote the value of the Metropolitan Cities for the country’s economic relauch.

Observatory on Europe - Final Report 2015

Improving European Integration and Competitiveness for Growth.