July 2016


Indonesia, Southeast Asia's anchor and springboard

Underdevelopment has practically been eliminated.
Now the country’s structure must be improved.
Italy’s role in this can be effective and profitable.


Retail, trade and investment are the platform for a strategic Iran - Italy partnership

The lifting of international sanctions is expected to bring a large boost to non-oil sectors in Iran. Increasing inward investments and improvement in public finance should also encourage private consumption.

Technology Forum

Government as the first Innovation driver?

Insight from Berkeley, the White House’s advisor Stephen Cohen shakes the public of the Technology Forum 2016 with the analysis – and the defiance – from his last book: ‘The Hamilton Approach to Economic Policy and Growth’.

Technology Forum

Go to the bars more, you might meet your future co-founder

Work with people smarter than you.
Never take any opportunity for granted.
Go to the bars more, you might meet your future co-founder.
Innovation according to Nanxi Liu, from the Technology Forum 2016.



Summary of the second WPP / The European House –
Ambrosetti Advisory Board.  
June 8, 2016, Milan.

start city

The model for developing Metropolitan Cities

Every local system is called upon to be “smart”, flexible and fast, both in its strategic choices and its operational “infrastructure”. Therefore, what are needed are competitive strategies and solutions that guarantee continuity of action above and beyond the political-institutional mandates for governing the area.


Brexit: A (less then) United Kingdom’s suicide or winning move towards China?

Brutal but acute snapshot of the situation captured by Lucio Caracciolo, Limes Editor-in-Chief and geopolitics expert. Are we to expect more walls and national interests undermining common goals?

digital innovation

The Connected Banking Report

How chief executives can control digitalization and create value from it
The key role of the chief executive, the person who holds a general management position with a 360° view and responsibilities regarding the offering and the organization is the focus of the “Connected Banking Report 2016” drawn up by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Banking, insurance and financial systems to effectively expand bilateral relations

Since the lifting of international sanctions, Iran is in the spotlight of the international community and many players from different industries and countries are looking at it as a destination for investments.

The Connected Banking

How chief executives can control digitalization and create value from it

Today, digital technology is no longer an option, it is a necessity for medium-to-long term business sustainability and it is becoming a conceptual aspect of strategic planning.