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Trump's multiple wars

Lucio CaraccioloLimes Chief Editor and geopolitics expert, attended an Ambrosetti Live’s webinar “Lo scenario geopolitico globale” on April 11.

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The Italian economy proceeds at (scooter) pace

Also in these first 3 months, as in the last quarter of 2016, the overall picture is characterized by high levels of uncertainty on the economic and geo-political front. It’s an uncertainty that has become the “new normality” as many businessmen and top managements of large Italian companies have informed us in these months.

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National and international Press Review - Finance Workshop 2017

From international and national media, all the articles dedicated to the 28tht edition of the Workshop “The Outlook for the Economy and Finance”, which took place on April 7 and 8 , 2017 at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio.

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Campania Technology Forum

1st local spin-off The European House - Ambrosetti Technology Forum

Contributing to the creation and acceleration of the innovation ecosystem in Campania, and making the region the barycenter of new development for the Mediterranean area. The Campania Technology Forum was born with this mission.

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Technology Forum 2017 Preview

Entering the Next Revolution

The Ambrosetti Club InnoTech Community revealed the prospect of a new revolution, a radical change in economic and social paradigms, that will be primarily based on a new series of abundant resources.

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ASEAN Markets: a long-term approach

The involvement of new emerging economies within global production chains has made it necessary to identify alternative markets on which to concentrate the creation of new promotional tools and strategies for Italy’s internationalization.

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human resources

The right steps to find, manage and retain talents

During one of the latest Ambrosetti Live webinar, Prof. Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology  at University College London, spoke about how can the qualities of talented people be trained.

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Smart Contract

Service Contract Governance and the impact of IoT

The breakneck development of the Internet of Things brings within it ever-greater vulnerability for companies, requiring more meticulous management of sensitive data and enhanced information risk management. Who is liable in the event of damages?  Who designed the system? Who maintains it? And, finally, who authorized its use, thus assuming responsibility for any ensuing risk?

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The reason why it is essential to plan campaigns on business acceleration

More the companies are structured and large, the more they find it hard to speed up, as opposed to those with less linear features. We must therefore resort to “tricks”. We will review the major ones, among those suggested by Marco Grazioli, President of The European House – Ambrosetti and expert on business dynamics.

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Italy Towards 2018

Just days after the publication of the “2017 OECD Economics Survey of Italy”, the viewpoint of Catherine L. Mann, OECD Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department, on what strategies need to be implemented to overcome the three main challenges and improve the timid positive trend of the Italian economy.

Categories: Growth, development, Investments and entrepreneurship