Internet of Things

Internet of Things:
how to dispel 3 myths about digital

When it comes to digitalization and innovation, it’s easy to sound lame and rethorical. Internet of Things, Services and People clearly shows how all the great technological potential, gives its best when  it seeks to improve people’s life quality.

Internet of things: how to dispel 3 myths about digital

Here we share Bazmi Husain – ABB Group’s Chief Technology Officer – point of view on this hot topic during one our webinars of Ambrosetti Live. Let’s get down to the details:

  • False myth 1: digital is great, but it doesn’t sell, it just can contribute to save costs

Bazmi Husain proves how digital is driving a fourth industrial revolution . As well as cutting costs and energy,  IoTSP (Internet of Things, Services and People) generates new revenue potential through innovative business models and codifying a distinctive service.

Internet of Things Services and People

  • False myth 2: digital revolution mostly impacts on Media and Communications or Technology

The ABB case contradicts this false assumption: “a step-forward”  and research based  company mission can really make a difference in the long run and different assets (backup, reporting, diagnostics, benchmarking etc).

Actually, digital is the answer in many different areas because it often  provides the best  solution to an issue. We have plenty of issues: from automated maintenance checking systems, to generating energy or reshaping  a more sustaining mobility of big cities, as London.

A smart digital strategy will help to solve present key challenges that are affecting the world today: climate changes and weak economic growth.

  • False myth 3: more digital means a less human-centred market

At present, interconnected devices number is  higher than individuals in the world and by 2020 we will hit 20 billion units.

Nonetheless, such a widespread availability, somebody is still a little suspicious about robotics, big data or automation.

In labour market we’re starting to refer to “robocolleagues” as the next big thing, to talk about further decrease of manual work, and perspectives seem to sway between apocalypse scenarios and some kind of utopistic liberalism that forecasts a Jobless Society.

Luckly enough, we can reaffirm that some human skills simply can’t (and will not) be replaced by a robot: IoTSP doesn’t aim to get ahead of humang beings, but to work as an enabler. This cooperation leads to a virtuous circle and will reduce time, money and energy investment.

Internet of Things Services and People

The real question is: are we ready to face the change and to take advantage of Internet of Things full potential in order to reach a turning point in the market?

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