Technology Forum 2017 Preview

Entering the Next Revolution

The Ambrosetti Club InnoTech Community revealed the prospect of a new revolution, a radical change in economic and social paradigms, that will be primarily based on a new series of abundant resources.

Technology Forum 2017 Preview

The final event of the Ambrosetti Club Community, the Technology Forum Preview, was dedicated to the theme of Industry 4.0. It took place in Pisa on Monday, April 3 from 2.30 to 6.15 pm, where a number of people discussed the conditions required to create a 4.0 company and, beyond that, the challenges that lie ahead for those companies that have already taken the decisive leap toward the interoperability between physical and digital systems, and between these and human beings.

The program started from a scientific approach of excellence, and then moved on to analyzing the concrete challenges of day-to-day application, with the presentation and discussion of certain successful corporate models and a focus on EU-funded resources.

The proceedings were opened by Pierdomenico Perata, Rector of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna who then opened up the floor to a dialog about the future of work, which saw the participation of Maria Chiara Carrozza, Professor of Industrial Bioengineering at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Member of the Italian Parliament, Christopher Tucci, Dean of the Institute of Management at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Benjamin Jolivet, Country Manager for Citrix Italia.
This was followed by two round tables:
  1. The first one was dedicated to European funds to finance corporate investment towards Industry 4.0, with the presentation of two reference models. Moderated by Antonio Carbone, National Contact Point of Horizon 2020, speakers included: Emanuele Guglielmino, CEO of Advanced Microturbines and Bernardo Magnani, President of Ekymed – both of whom are heads of companies that are financing their own development using European funds.
  2. The second round table focused on the success factors of the 4.0 Company, with corporate cases being presented by Lucia Chierchia, Open Innovation Director of Electrolux, Marco Spinetto, Head of Strategic Innovation for Pirelli Tyre, and Nunzio Mirtillo, President of Mediterranean Region at Ericsson.

In the name of interaction between Research, Technology and Enterprise, the Technology Forum Preview was hosted by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, that in 2017 celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its foundation. It has also been selected as a center of competence by the “Calenda Plan” for Industry 4.0.

A Preview of Industry 4.0. The Ambrosetti Forum in Sant’Anna
nòva.ilsole24ore.com – April 4, 2017 – Alberto Di Minin e Luisa Caluri

‘The Next Revolution’ will be the title of the sixth Technology Forum to be held in Milan on Friday, May 19.

As the Ambrosetti Club InnoTech Community’s program has unfolded over the last eight months it has, in fact, revealed the prospect of a new revolution, a radical change in economic and social paradigms, that will be primarily based on a new series of abundant resources.

Like water, for example, or food, or even access to care and education – but above all an abundance of technological resources that have never before been experienced.

The Technology Forum 2017 will examine the ‘Next Revolution’ using three different reference concepts:

  • Industry 4.0: Mastering the digital transformation
  • Open Innovation and Impact on Business
  • Are we heading into a Jobless Future?

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