Innovation technology

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Disruptive technology, digital transformation and digital innovation are reconfiguring the entire digital
panorama with resounding effects that encompass both corporate performance and the entire organization. To
obtain effective results, integration is necessary: technology, innovation and strategy.


The European House – Ambrosetti has decided to create two complementary programs that integrate high-
tech expertise—through its partnership with Cefriel—and strategic, cognitive and behavioral expertise to
optimize digitalization processes and offer 360° support.

Digital Strategy

Digital disruptions are too many and their combinations are creating even more radical changes across corporate performances. This will create new and exciting opportunities to grow businesses and tackle social issues.

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Digital Tranfformation (Cefriel)

In Italy, Cefriel represents an example of a “digital innovation & design shop” whose clients—private companies and government and institutions—are guided through the process of conceiving and developing “custom-made” technological solutions tailored to their own specific needs.

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