The secret to success

Family businesses (among others) are the driving force in Italy. At the source of their success are a number of different ingredients: among the main ones are certainly effective management of the problems facing entrepreneurial families such as generational succession; quality of corporate governance; and creation of a good incentive system.

Since the late 1980s, The European House – Ambrosetti has understood how to answer these needs through a series of custom-tailored services. Thanks to the experience developed over the years, our Group has created a range of research platforms on these issues, including the Observatory on Corporate Governance Excellence in Italy.


Families are made up of relatives, companies by partners or shareholders. And each has its implications. Such as generational succession. Ownership of a company can be passed on to an heir, but not the ability to run it.

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Basic points of reference and governance

The quality of Corporate Governance has a determining role in the ability of companies to create value on a long-term, sustainable basis.

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Executive Compensation

A good incentive and remuneration system should guarantee that compensation is in line with corporate performance.

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