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The secret to success

What is the secret to success for a business? The answer to this question is not at all an easy one because many variables are involved. But there is one that sums it up fairly precisely, and that is “value”. A company that creates value is a successful company. And how does it create it? First of all, making the right decisions within a complex context.

Decisions that will become strategies and industrial policies that The European House – Ambrosetti has the means and expertise to provide support for, armed with (successful) models already utilized in American and British multinationals. A business works, is successful and creates value if it generates a profit higher than its costs. For an Italian company active within the domestic or foreign markets, or a foreign company doing business in Italy, mastering this type of business logic and, if possible, putting it into practice, means competing at the highest level.

Industrial and strategic policies

The decisions to be made for increasing the competitiveness of a company is an extremely complex process.

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Industrial Plans and Implementation

The European House-Ambrosetti helps companies meet their value generation goal in two ways: by improving performance and providing support for special and M&A operations.

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