Industrial Plans and Implementation

The target of businesses

Creating value is the primary (perhaps even only?) goal of every company. It brings together all other economic indicators and summarizes them, providing the perfect profile of success or lack of it. But when does value exists?

Industrial Plans and Implementation

Businesses thrive on projects. Metaphorically speaking, projects are the trains that move along the tracks of strategy and allow companies to achieve their goals.

Our skill lies in being able to give concrete form to our clients’ projects, helping them to focus on business metrics, long-term economic and financial results and organizational aspects to create a tangible bridge between the current situation and what is hoped for in the future.

Whether a simple choice of whether to make or buy, the opportunity for a new production location or the creation of an entire industrial plan, the projects must be conceived, quantified, formalized, approved, “financed” and monitored.

Our special expertise lies in the ability to balance both technical/economic and organizational aspects, fully cognizant that what really counts is not just the strategic value of a project, but the organizational energy with which it is pursued.

In fact, project recipients (whether top management or corporate managers, banks or potential partners and investors that need to be persuaded) are always interested in understanding not just the rationale of a project, but also the driving force behind its implementation.

Below is a graphic representation of our reference model for managing a corporate project. The model is the fruit of our years of experience in assisting in the realization of complex projects. We have industrialized every phase of the process and this is what makes us fast and efficient, without forgetting that every project is unique and therefore requires creativity and flexibility, including on the basis of those who need to be convinced. For example, a bank providing financing will be interested in different aspects than a manufacturing partner, and a financial investor will be interested in different information than a long-term stockholder.

piani industriali 2

Our model provides a modular approach. From a simple verification of the reasonableness and solidity of a project already created by a client, to developing a plan from scratch  that ranges from finding equity or debt resources to help in implementing the plan, our clients can choose in which phases they would like our support, having a clear idea of the entire process. If the project is aimed at creating a strategic alliance or a M&A operation, our international network allows us to assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate partner.