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04 September 2021

European Governance of the Energy Transition

Enabling Investments

The European Union and its member states are about to take on a radical process of reconstruction and recovery. The changes which in the last two years have shaken the foundation of our reference scenario, have further underlined the urgent need to institute a resilient economic system, oriented towards the transition to more sustainable models. The moment has come for Europe to take on the energy transition, to seize the opportunity to revolutionize the perception and way of managing the entire energy sector. It is a sector that has the potential to catalyze a broad-ranging vision for the future — a potential European institutions are fully cognizant of. Europe’s commitment has been confirmed and further corroborated by the recent “Fit for 55” package that outlines a very ambitious energy transition process for the continent, as the opening quote suggests.

Study produced in collaboration with Enel and the scientific contribution of the Enel Foundation.

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