09 July 2021

Lorenzo Tavazzi
Quinta edizione del Forum

Investments in infrastructures, the port system, cybersecurity, health, tourism and green industry: these are the themes at the center of the fifth edition of the Liguria 2030 Strategic Report presented in La Cervara.

In such complex times, the "reconstruction" of the Ligurian socio-economic fabric can only pass from a sustained plan of new projects, which raises the bar of Liguria's ambition, relaunching public-private collaboration in many fundamental areas of development and enhancing the driving role and the generation of new ideas and skills of the territory.

The European House - Ambrosetti team has identified five key projects to guide the growth of the territory within the framework of the Next Generation EU and the national PNRR:

  1. Affirmation of the Ligurian port system as a world reference point for the adoption of digital models and the experimentation of green transformation projects. Infrastructure interventions to promote intermodality and pilot projects that focus on innovative technologies, such as the use of hydrogen in the port sector, can rely on the strategic skills and assets of the territory, enabling the development of key industrial chains for the regional economy;
  2. Transformation of Liguria as a national and European leader in the development of solutions for the energy transition of the industrial sector through the creation of a cluster of expertise on the energy transition in industry that is configured as a research environment, pre-competitive application and prototyping with a specific focus on decarbonisation of the industrial sector;
  3. Strengthening the Ligurian health system in the direction of a greater and more personalized and capillary response capacity, also by encouraging the exchange of resources and skills within public-private partnerships. The latter should give life to a telemedicine pilot that allows to fully digitize the consultation of the general practitioner and specialist and the monitoring of the health conditions of chronic patients, through software and hardware technologies to be made available to health professionals and citizens;
  4. Strengthening of regional data analytics skills and affirmation of Liguria as a leading territory in terms of cybersecurity in the areas of sea economy and health by maximizing the potential deriving from the digital transition through the involvement of large industrial players and enhancing the role of institutions and local public bodies;
  5. Enhancing the quality of the region's tourism offer by focusing on primates in the "quality of life" and urban regeneration interventions that respond to the need to reconcile work and private life. It is a question of improving the attractiveness of the Liguria brand at an international level also through the creation of a "Sustainable Tourist Destination Brand" accompanied by a digital marketplace of local products.

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