Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic

19 March 2021

Daniela Bianco
Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic

More than a year after the official declaration of the pandemic by the World Health Organization, the fight against COVID-19 continues to be at the forefront of the agendas of governments and international institutions. Meridiano Sanità analyzes the most topical issues related to the pandemic COVID-19.

The COVID19 pandemic is generating significant impacts on the demographic structure and health of the population in our country. The demographic dynamics and its long-term effects underline the urgency of implementing incisive and immediate interventions on the welfare system (work, health and social) to reverse the demographic trend in progress.

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The COVID-19 emergency has put (and is putting) a strain on health and economic systems around the world. The different strategies and interventions adopted by the various countries are leading to different results in the fight against COVID-19 and, consequently, on economic recovery.

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