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Our Method

Get results faster. This is The European House – Ambrosetti promise to its clients. An ideal goal, but one that can be attained through very concrete actions that involve all of a company’s leverage points through a broad-ranging and unique spectrum of types of services.

Our Method

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“Our Method”

Our services

The end-goal shared by all services of The European House – Ambrosetti is to accelerate the results the companies and other organizations who come to us are looking for.

To attain this goal, we make use of a wide range of types of activities: think tank; management consulting; leaders’ education; summits & workshops & forums.

The decision of which to use and how depends on the goals and context of each individual case.

Corporate Strategy is the key to success

It must be the fruit of a shared vision and include every branch of a company with all the areas involved in the initiative united along the path towards a common goal.

Fully aware of the difficulties involved in developing an effective strategy within a system such as today’s that is so complex and varied, our firm has developed a “method” for helping its clients reach their strategic goals sooner and better.

This method is based on five pillars:

  1. Build frameworks and a vision of the future, plan competitive strategies and interpret global forces
  2. Communicate with the outside world
  3. A winning culture and effective leadership – Mobilize and motivate people
  4. Create flexible, high-performance business models and generate innovation
  5. Implement strategies, improve and measure performance.

It is a complex process that calls into play all the competences in a company, but it is a process that is absolutely necessary for being able to make long-term decisions and to re-establish market competitiveness. And it is a process The European House – Ambrosetti is ready to embark upon standing by your side, making full use of its reservoir of competences and know-how developed over fifty years of presence in the market with its own broad and unique spectrum of services.