The numbers of The European House - Ambrosetti

The measure of success

The first fifty years of The European House – Ambrosetti are years marked by concrete, tangible success. An evolution that has allowed us to become a Group that is recognized internationally.
Here are just some numbers that are the measure of this evolution.

Our numbers

To really understand something, numbers are not everything. But they can help.

For example, for a consulting firm such as The European House – Ambrosetti, having extended its field of activity into sixteen countries around the world is not just a statistic, it is the tangible proof of the credibility we have consolidated over the years, starting in 1965 when the Group was active only in Italy. Being a firm that is recognized from the United States to the Far East is the clearest sign of how much fruit the seeds we have planted over the decades have born.

Just as the 260 people who are the staff of The European House – Ambrosetti could either be seen as simply another number, or as a universe of competences, capabilities and dynamism to serve our clients—a team of men and women who share the same passion.

And, of course, along with these 260 staff members are 2,000 national and international experts involved each year in the various events we organize and who, with increasing generosity, make their skills and expertise available to our Group’s initiatives which continue to increase (more than 300 each year, additional proof of our unceasing commitment to playing a leading role in analyzing the world around us and offering solutions to the major problems we face today).

For the seventh consecutive year, The European House – Ambrosetti has been nominated also in 2020 – in the “Best Private Think Tanks” category – the No. 1 Think Tank in Italy, ranks among the top 10 in  Europe  and  is  one  of  the  most  respected  independents  out  of  8,248  world-wide according  to  the  latest  “Global  Go  To  Think  Tanks  Report”  of  the  University  of Pennsylvania,   after   conducting   a   survey   among   70,000   leaders   in   institutions, businesses and media, in more than 100 countries worldwide.  A result which makes us proud, not only for the award itself, but for what it represents: the attainment of a goal which when the Group was founded fifty years ago, would have seemed only a dream.




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