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Acting on the invitation of Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family, Elena Bonetti, Ambrosetti Club decided to create a research initiative around the theme of female empowerment in Italy, with special focus on the labor market, the purpose being to outline the policy proposals found in the document below.

The analysis and recommendations developed have been shared with the Department for Equal Opportunities and Family of the Office of the Prime Minister, which has expressed its intention to formulate social welfare policies in line with the suggestions received.

The goals The European House – Ambrosetti working group set for itself in producing the study were to:

  • analyze the current status of female inclusion in the labor market in Italy;
  • identify the causes at the root of low female inclusion in the Italian labor market;
  • develop scenarios and economic parameters regarding greater female participation in the Italian labor market;
  • develop policy proposals and outline a short-to-medium term strategy for achieving equity and equal opportunities for women in the Italian labor market.

Female empowerment and the labor market

Achieving female empowerment in the working world is a complex social-economic phenomenon and one that is difficult to approach given the myriad interrelationships it contains and which are involved in its configuration. At the same time, the cultural factors—therefore less tangible and more difficult to handle—are the key area in which to take action to assure the success of initiatives in the short-to-medium term.

It is not just a question of rights, but economic opportunity for the entire country. This has become even more urgent due to the social-economic crisis ensuing from the Covid-19 pandemic that, once again, has brought to light the fragility of the female population which, in the absence of a solid social welfare system, is more vulnerable to external shocks.

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