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Benefits and Challenges for Private Labels Today

Talking about distributor brands means speaking about large-scale distribution itself, its evolution and ability to answer, but also anticipate, the needs of Italians over the decades which have been characterized by moments of euphoria and growth, but also years of crisis and difficulties.

Benefits and Challenges for Private Labels Today

In 2018, The European House – Ambrosetti was already involved in developing the broad future scenarios for modern-day distribution, with special focus on the issue of private labels, as part of the opening event of the Marca trade fair, the private label conference and exhibition organized in collaboration with ADM – Associazione Distribuzione Moderna (Modern Distribution Association).

At the opening event of the 15th Marca trade fair (January 16, 2019), the sector’s major top managers and business leaders took part and, during the event, the findings of The European House – Ambrosetti’s strategic study of the future benefits and challenges affecting private labels have been presented, with an in-depth look at the question of food safety and quality.

During the morning event, in addition to The European House – Ambrosetti study results, the following themes have been discussed:

  • The value of quality, from the farm to the table, according to a top starred Italian chef.
  •  Innovation, safety and quality: new approaches to meeting the needs of consumers.
  • Stimulus to the evolution of private labels coming from the strategic management of safety and quality as a driver for competition and development, from the standpoint of Italian leaders in modern-day distribution.

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Conceptual Map

Mapping ecosystem security and quality

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