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In light of the analysis, research and observations developed from the suggestions supplied by the members of the Ambrosetti Club Food & Beverage & Nutrition Community, we have developed four proposals which we believe represent an important point-of-departure for promoting competitiveness in this sector.

Challenges and Priorities for Today’s Food Sector. Tools and Approaches for Competitiveness

In addition to making a decisive contribution to Italy’s reputation throughout the world, and thanks to the acknowledged quality and uniqueness of its products, the Italian Food & Beverage sector has a substantial impact on the nation’s economy. In fact, sector revenues were €132 billion in 2016, with a workforce of 465,000 and export of products worth €31.5 billion, 8% of total Italian exports.

It is also a sector that has proven to be highly resilient and for which the effects of the 2008-2009 economic crisis were fairly mild, and this aspect only further reinforces its strategic significance for Italy.

In light of the analysis and observations developed for the Italian Food & Beverage sector, we have identified a number of priorities which we believe represent a potential point-of-departure for promoting competitiveness in this sector:

  1. Promote its dimensional restructuringby fostering optimization in size and the creation of a number of “national champions”;
  2. Support supply-chain integration processesboth upstream (integration with the farming stage) and downstream (agreements and partnerships with distribution chains);
  3. Reinforce the defense of Italian food productsnot only through the use of certificates of origin, but above all through attentive management of customs-related aspects and fighting fraud and the “Italian Sounding” phenomenon;
  4. Provide incentives for investment in innovation and R&D, in advertising and distribution.

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Profitability, Competitiveness And Growth Of The Food Supply Chain: The Value Challenge

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