What we are experiencing today is the fourth development cycle of capitalist economies, the 4.0 Industrial Revolution (4IR), dominated by technologies connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, big data analytics and additive manufacturing. The process of digital transformation currently underway is totally pervasive and aims at completely transforming industrial frameworks and models.

Digital Transformation: New Borders, Growth and National Security

The 4IR involves all market sectors and the various corporate areas

It is completely horizontal and involves, without distinction, business, government, cities, energy, etc. Italy is being asked to accelerate this phase of transformation in order to become an active part of a process of change that appears to be irreversible, and threatens to broaden the productivity and technology gap between Italy and its benchmark neighbors, Germany and France.

At the heart of the new Industry 4.0, in which flexibility, speed and ability to continuously produce innovation become the true factors of competitive advantage, not only for individual companies and organizations, but the country and its economy as a whole.

This Position Paper, prepared by The European House – Ambrosetti for ELETTRONICA S.p.A., addresses the following objective: to affirm the role of digital transformation as a tool for across-the-board growth in the country and as the necessary means for focusing on national defense and security through the aerospace, defense and security sector, which can play a fundamental role in the innovation and leadership required for Italy’s technological growth.

the Position Paper (It.)

The “Digital Transformation: New Borders, Growth and National Security” Forum (July 18, 2017, Rome) marked the culmination of this year’s work and brought together—at the highest level—leading government and business representatives of the aerospace, defense and security sector, in the hope that this event, with the presence and contribution of major, authoritative national and international speakers, will become a permanent platform for discussion and development of proposals for the future of this sector in Italy.

ELT Forum 2017

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