E-MOBILITY REVOLUTION. Impacts on Italy and its industrial value chain: Italy’s Agenda

Electric mobility is an expanding phenomenon, in terms of both supply and demand. In order to assess the dimensions of the phenomenon and the impact it could have on the industrial value chain of e-Mobility in Italy, The European House – Ambrosetti has set out a number of scenarios for the development of electric motor vehicles and the infrastructure network for recharging them.

e-Mobility Revolution

Electrification of transport systems represents a major opportunity for industry and modernization of the nation

This study, undertaken in collaboration with ENEL and presented during the 43rd “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy” forum, assesses the scope and impact that could be activated on the e-Mobility industrial supply chain. On the basis of the mapping of international best practices and analysis of the state-of-the-art in Italy and its regions, the study provides a number of lines of action that would allow the nation to successfully take part in this revolution.

To guide Italy’s transition towards e-Mobility, it is important to understand the point the country starts out from. This is what prompted our consultants to develop an innovative monitoring tool, the Electric Transport Index (ETI), which makes it possible to measure electric mobility performance, in relative terms, of Italy’s 20 Regions and 14 Metropolitan Cities. The ranking, featured in this report, shows very significant differences between the various areas of the country: with the exception of Apulia, all the Regions in Southern Italy occupy the lower positions; this indicates ample potential for the development of e-Mobility in these areas, also as a strategic driver in support of improvement in sustainability regarding the environment and local transport systems.

e-Mobility Revolution.
Impacts on Italy and its industrial value chain: Italy’s Agenda
Executive Summary
The extended e-Mobility value chain and Italy’s competences
Conceptual Map

Presentation by Maria Chiara Carrozza
Spokesperson of the Study

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