Empowering Europe’s investability

Investments can play a strategic role for boosting Europe’s competitiveness and long-term sustainable economic growth: developing an investment-driven growth model can relaunch and reinforce the European project.

Empowering Europe’s investability

The EU is facing a “perfect storm” that threatens its future

To date, the EU has to face an unprecedented challenge. Europe needs to «go back to basics» upholding its founding principles: the creation of an area of freedom, security and justice, the realisation of a common internal market, the promotion of sustainable development, the enhancement of scientific and technological advancement, the fight against social exclusion and discrimination and the stimulus to economic, social and territorial cohesion with solidarity among Member States.

An important contribution comes from the network industries: energy, transport and ICT are the backbone of European economy, as they have great relevance across the EU-28 in terms of economic growth, positive spill overs on other productive industries and capability to innovate and to activate investments. They can lead Europe towards a cleaner, more inclusive and more competitive economy.

These topics are at the center of the Strategic Study “Empowering Europe’s investability. Policy recommendations for relaunching investments towards Europe and the role of the energy sector and digitalisation” – carried out by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with ENEL – and presented on Saturday 3, 2016 to the Institutions and business leaders at the 42ndedition of the “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy” Forum at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio.

Conceptual map – Full Report

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