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Liguria 2022 – The 2020 Strategic Report

In 2016, The European House – Ambrosetti launched the “Liguria 2022” initiative, a platform for discussion and dialog among public and private players to relaunch the development model for the Liguria region through concrete projects and a shared medium/long-term strategy.


Liguria 2022 – The 2020 Strategic Report

The publication of the fourth “Liguria 2022” report coincides with a year which will certainly remain in global memory, given the seriousness of the pandemic which has devastated it. The sudden arrival of this health crisis coincides with the loss of the world’s innocence, especially in the West, which, thanks to science and technology, believed itself to be safe from the health risks relegated to poorer areas of the globe or times past.


The pandemic has also brought with it an extremely serious economic crisis whose effects will be seen above all in the coming months, certainly also in Liguria, although somewhat lessened by a number of aspects typical of the anti-cyclical nature of its economic framework. For example, the region’s GDP will suffer a -8.7% loss, without question a cause for concern, even if slightly less serious than that of Italy (-9.1%) and the Northwest (-9.3%), thanks to current trends in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

This dramatic crisis has certainly dampened the energy with which Liguria was pursuing growth in all its major economic indicators through the model The European House – Ambrosetti called “Liguria: from Sea to Life”.

But Liguria is ready to respond, starting from its strategic assets on which the region’s successes have been developed.


2020 Strategic Report

Tableau de Bord

Presentation by Valerio De Molli

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