il tempo delle donne

The Time of the New Mums

The second edition of Il Tempo delle Donne (The Time of Women, Triennale International Exhibition Milan- October 2015), was followed by the publication of the Corriere della Sera’s book, Maternità. Il tempo delle nuove mamme (Motherhood. The Time of the New Mums), which includes a contribution from The European House – Ambrosetti.

Motherhood. The Time of the New Mums

“What we dream of is the best possible of worlds, but this is also what so many women work, strive and battle for daily, throughout the 27 hours that make up their “king size day”. And in order to achieve this Wonderland, it is necessary to begin looking – without any filters – at today’s reality. Even if we don’t like it.

And that’s what led (last October at the Triennale International Exhibition Milan) to the second edition of Il Tempo delle Donne and now to the Corriere della Sera’s book Maternità, Il tempo delle nuove mamme. The aim was to provide an overview on the state of laws and work, of the economic situation and of social services, in order to understand which tools to use to support women and mothers in their daily lives and encourage young women who are not yet mums to take on that incredible adventure that is raising a child”.

Family-Work: they can be reconciled

by Daniela Bianco, Rossana Bubbico, Silvia Lovati
(Heads of Research for The European House – Ambrosetti)

Source:  Blog 27ora Corriere.it – Condividere responsabilità (ed emozioni) Con i padri per fondare nuove famiglie (Sharing responsibilities [and emotions] with fathers, to establish new families) by Laura Ballio e Giusi Fasano

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