Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Health Care - Meridiano Sanità Report 2016

This year Meridiano Sanità focused on the primary challenges Italy’s healthcare system must face to be able to guarantee its citizens maximum health, and how these challenges can be taken on.

Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Health Care – Meridiano Sanità Report 2016

Meridiano Sanità is a non-partisan, professional think tank designed and created by The European House – Ambrosetti with the support of a pool of companies from the healthcare sector. Its goal is to create an innovative platform to develop strategic thinking and stimulate dialogue regarding the future of healthcare in Italy.

From 2005 to the present, Meridiano Sanità has developed a series of analyses regarding the healthcare scenario in Italy, analyzing expenditure trends and organization of the Italian healthcare system, including in comparison with experiences in other European countries.

Each year in November its analysis and policy recommendations are presented and shared with policy-makers and other stakeholders at the Forum Meridiano Sanità.

The main topics of the 2016 edition:

  • Prevention care with vaccines and antimicrobial resistance: 2 major future challenges for Europe and Italy
  • Pathologies with great impact on the system
  • New organizational models and technologies to handle chronic diseases
  • The Italian healthcare system: access to innovation and economic sustainability of the National Health Service
  • Towards a new healthcare approach: value based healthcare
  • The Italian healthcare agenda.

Final Report (It.) –  Concept Chart (It.) – Meridiano Sanità Index

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