New ultra wideband networks

The relaunching of the economy also involves digitalization, an indispensable tool for accompanying Italy and its enterprises into the fourth industrial revolution. The government is also aware of this and it launched an investment plan aimed at extending this super high-speed connection throughout Italy.

New ultra wideband networks

Challenges for Italy and the Telecommunications sector

How should public and private investment be coordinated to extend coverage to its maximum in a way that is inefficiency-free? What are the potential synergies for a nationwide project of historic scope? What suggestions can be gleaned from the experience of other contexts? What is it the country and its enterprises actually need, from the standpoint of what is concretely feasible?

Ambrosetti Club, as always committed to offering a tangible contribution to civil and economic progress in Italy and the companies that operate within it, wants to offer positive input to thinking about the challenges connected to the development of new-generation telecommunications networks.

With Telecom Italia, Fastweb and BT, the Club recently dedicated a special roundtable to this theme which offered an opportunity to discuss innovation as a fundamental strategic driver and, according to many, the only one capable of providing support to the country during the difficult phase of recovery by putting into motion existing capabilities and new areas of excellence through a team effort and bringing together the best of Italian quality and know-how.

The primary points—which reinforce the government’s initiatives already in progress—that emerged during discussion with the community of Ambrosetti Club corporate managers, have been outlined in a concise document that will be made available to representatives of government and a select group of opinion leaders.

Ambrosetti Club Report:
New ultra wideband networks (It.)

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