Relaunching Italy. The 8 proposals from Club The European House - Ambrosetti

This study, which goes beyond the short-term measures required for immediate relaunching, offers a long-term perspective. However, Ambrosetti Club believes that for a concrete relaunching of Italy, a strategic vision must be defined from the very beginning, a vision to guide Italy in choosing the priorities on which to concentrate the energy and resources available.

Relaunching Italy. The 8 proposals from Club The European House – Ambrosetti

The foundation for re-starting Italy must be based on understanding a scenario—both external and internal—that is changing rapidly.

Ambrosetti Club has developed eight proposals for action in light of the changes the current scenario is experiencing and for which, specifically, it has taken into account the following factors:
  • Three guiding principles for orienting the relaunching of the national economic system;
  • Six megatrends emerging in the global geopolitical scenario and which, on one hand, will lead to the opposition of two new “spheres of power” and, on the other, to the fragmentation of global value chains;
  • Italy’s social/economic-related structural problems that the public health emergency has brought to light or has exacerbated, and among these, the lack of “human capital” is the primary and most serious factor slowing the process of change that Italy requires;
  • The capacity for resilience demonstrated by Italy in the face of the crisis and the leadership position the country holds in a number of sectors.


Read the Report (italian version)

Conceptual Map (italian version)

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